why do babies get hiccups in the womb

Pup-pup or pop-pop are familiar sounds for all ladies that have been pregnant before or still pregnant. In pregnancy, if you are lying down comfortably or having a relaxing time on your sofa, and suddenly you realize that someone sounds like popper in your tummy! Then it might be your hiccupping baby.

Uncertainty you are well aware of your baby movement like; rolls, kicks, punches, and then surely, you can easily notice popcorn sound of him in your body as well. Fetal is a particular word that is used for baby in the womb.

Let us have some realistic info about fetal hiccups today!

Hiccupping baby in the womb or fetal hiccups:

The very simple answer to this question is; fetal, or baby hiccups are tiny movements in the womb. A baby hiccups in the mother when his/her diaphragm starts practice for breathing. When baby breaths in the womb, and then automatically he inhales womb water (amino fluid). The entrance of amino fluid in the lungs causes diaphragm contraction and little hiccup start.

Mother feeling during fetal hiccups:

These hiccups are quick and full of boring motion, which a mother can easily say that this gesture is coming from my belly. At the start, it feels like a lighter kick, but this feeling happens again and again as hiccups.

When a mother pays close attention to this feeling, then she noticed it would just like adult hiccups. After all, adults, either baby hiccups, are having the main cause for hiccups (a contraction of the diaphragm).

Hey, wait! I’m not saying that the adult hiccups happen due to amino fluid, but obviously, they have different causes for this contraction. According to some doctors of Inova Loudoun Hospital in Leesburg, Virginia (fetal hiccups occur in the third trimester, but sonogram shows it in-ear first trimester). This is the actual age of a baby when diaphragm develops.

Cause for fetal hiccups:

Fetal hiccups are also caused by mother’s fast eating. When a pregnant woman eats fast, then she gulps too much air with the meal that her baby gulps and starts hiccupping. He said 

This is such a kind of advantage of a mother that a baby gets. Actually, by having hiccups in the womb, many types of developments occur in the fetal that are best for always.

How often a fetal is normal (baby hiccups):

Pregnancy is a unique time for a woman, in which no hard and fast rules are specified for baby hiccupping. Often babies hiccup in the womb, and many does not, so every pregnant woman cannot have this feeling.

More explaining; in the third trimester your baby rolls, kicks, and pushes your belly by knees. Like all these types of all baby movements, hiccups will be considered as normal fetal movement.